Expanding Wings / Nursery

The wonderful preschool memories begin in our classrooms. We start by creating informal learning experiences that generates a positive foundation for Expanding wings. We engage them with other kids at our preschools and together they explore toys, look at books, sing, play on puzzles etc. During the early childhood education, we teach them that school is a safe place to explore their world in many new & exciting ways. We have various activities to support our modern preschool curriculum including art and craft. Songs, chants and dances reinforces pre-reading skills such as phonetics awareness and letter recognition. The pre-math skills of identifying and repeating patterns or directions as well as working with books like rhymes encourages familiarity with print, letter recognition and the beginning of phonetic awareness. The cooking project introduces the pre-math skills of following multi-step instructions, counting and measuring. Science and Social Studies are introduced through activities on the five senses, the seasons, temperatures, animals, birds, families, friends & helpers, as well as many others.

* Appropriate Age : 2.5 - 3.5 years

* Duration : 2½ - 4 hours per day